Blog migrated from Blogger to static site

I have just finished the migration of this blog from Blogger to the static site generator Hexo. The new layout finally supports mobile devices by a responsive design.

Why the move away from Blogger? I used Blogger with the old theme for 5 years and I was quite satisfied with the features and site performance. All for free.
But with the years the pain was growing, I spent too much time fixing the layout and the integration of source code examples was a hell. Therefore I was looking for a new blogging system which has additionally a better layout for mobile visitors.

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Puppet on Solaris 11.2

The first public beta of Solaris 11.2 is finally available and I am very excited about this release. For some of the highlights check the Oracle Solaris blog.
There is a lot of buzz about the Openstack integration, but for now I am more interested in the integration of the automation framework Puppet. Openstack very likely has a big future and will address IT automation on its own way, but it’s a very new technology.
Puppet on the other hand is in production since many years. But according to my experience, the majority of the users use it for managing Linux systems and not Solaris. With 11.2 Oracle finally embraces Puppet and makes it a lot easier to use the framework for Solaris users.

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