Blog migrated from Blogger to static site

I have just finished the migration of this blog from Blogger to the static site generator Hexo. The new layout finally supports mobile devices by a responsive design.

Why the move away from Blogger? I used Blogger with the old theme for 5 years and I was quite satisfied with the features and site performance. All for free.
But with the years the pain was growing, I spent too much time fixing the layout and the integration of source code examples was a hell. Therefore I was looking for a new blogging system which has additionally a better layout for mobile visitors.

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First Post

This is my first real post in my new blog. What could you expect? Here, I will write mainly about technical stuff, for example: Virtualization, Solaris, Linux, Opensource and programming.
Some posts I will use for documentation of some more or less interesting activities, in other posts I will cover personal views and speculations on some IT-stuff.

So lets see, how it will go on…