See me at Oracle Openworld and PuppetConf

I will be at Oracle Openworld 2014, finally as speaker. Together with Glynn Foster and Eric Saxe I will talk about Puppet on Solaris. There are still some free seats, so register if you are interested:

Session: Best Practice Configuration Management with Puppet [CON7849]

A few days before I will also attend the Automation event of the year. This time I will finally take part on my first PuppetConf in person. The line-up is amazing with speakers like Gene Kim the author of “The Phoenix Project” and many other early drivers of the DevOps community.

I am in San Francisco from 23rd September to 2nd October, if you like to meet in person just ping me.

Known issues in Puppet on Solaris 11.2

Update 25th Dec 2014: With the latest Solaris SRU ( the important bugs which are listened here, are fixed for me. Also Puppet, Facter and Hiera are now shipped in a modern version.

With 11.2, Puppet is shipped for the first time directly with Solaris. I think it is a quite good first release, but of course not yet perfect. Puppet itself is open source software and Oracle also published all patches and Puppet types under the CDDL, so you would have the option to maintain your own build.

The huge open source community is an important part of Puppet, maybe the most important. But with Solaris you have the additional advantage that you have this open source software also covered under your usual Oracle Premier Support. With no additional cost!

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