oracle-pwrite-zfs-latency.d: Detect slow sync writes on ZFS

The first DTrace integration into the Oracle 12c database was finally reverse engineered in great detail by Andrey Nikolaev. Finally we have a good documentation how the V$KERNEL_IO_OUTLIER view really works.

The standalone kernel_io_oulier.d DTrace script works great even on Solaris 10 and pre-12c Oracle databases, but only on RAW-devices and ASM. Oracle pushes ASM because of good arguments, but sometimes one likes to use a filesystem.

We have some databases on ZFS and so I was jealous that the script does not work with ZFS. Therefore I tried to make a similar script for ZFS.

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Graphite - Visualizing Solaris performance the easy way

Last month, on the first Vienna Solaris Technical Day, I had the opportunity to make a small presentation about a simple method for drawing nice graphs from Solaris performance metrics. As several people asked me for the details, I will share them here.
The concept is simple, just use the Solaris command line utilities, like iostat and send the reformatted output to the popular open source tool Graphite.

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