End of year 2014 summary

The year 2014 is almost finished. It was a great year! I relaunched this blog this year to “archive” some of my technical work and motivate myself to finalize my side projects in a sharable form. And of course to connect to people with similar interests.
Also this year my side projects were primary motivated by making my main job as Solaris systems engineer easier and of course less busier. So my main topics this year were clearly Solaris and Puppet.
Before I start with my plans for 2015 I like to sum up this year to see what worked well and what not. Justin Jackson wrote a really nice report on this achievements, my numbers are a different dimension but I will use his nice structure. To have a nice baseline for 2015.

The stuff I made in 2014

  • 15 blog posts
  • 1 blog relaunch
  • 1 public presentation (Oracle Openworld 2014)
  • 2 Dtrace scripts
  • 0 open source Puppet modules

What blog posts met the most interest

  1. Control the size of the ZFS ARC cache dynamically 24,17% of views
  2. Simple and fast Solaris installation with Unified Archives 15.96% of views
  3. Puppet on Solaris 11.2 8.76% of views
  4. Graphite - Visualizing Solaris performance the easy way 8% of views
  5. Puppet and SMF in Solaris 11.2 5.42% of views

The blog articles were read from 107 countries, thanks!

####Top 10 countries:

  1. USA (27.69%)
  2. Germany (7.76%)
  3. Austria (7.67%)
  4. UK (7.45%)
  5. France (4.20%)
  6. Australia (3.87%)
  7. India (3.84%)
  8. Canada (2.97%)
  9. Russia (2.54%)
  10. Switzerland (2.15%)

I am curious how the statistics will look like in 2015.


Also this year I enjoyed visiting foreign countries for business, leisure and of course to just broaden my mind:

  • Vietnam (April)
  • Spain (June)
  • US, San Francisco (September)
  • Germany (October, December)
  • Ireland (November)

Plans for 2015

  • More Puppet: I have written quite a lot of internal Puppet manifests for managing Solaris systems. I have plans to generalize and open source some of them. My first Puppet module should be ready very soon.
  • Improve Ruby skills
  • Improve Puppet testing skills
  • More blog posts
  • More traveling

Happy 2015 to all of you!

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